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CITY OF CASSELBERRY <br />OFFICIAL NOTICE <br />STATE OF EMERGENCY PROCLAMATION <br />WHEREAS, the National Hurricane Center recognizes the danger to the residents <br />of Florida arising from the potential effects of Tropical Storm Nicole; and <br />WHEREAS, the Honorable Ron DeSantis, Governor of the State of Florida, has <br />entered, on November 7, 2022, the attached Executive Order Number 22-253 <br />establishing a state of emergency as a result of Subtropical Storm Nicole and other <br />inclement weather events; and <br />WHEREAS, Seminole County extended the declared local state of emergency <br />related to Hurricane Ian and Subtropical Storm Nicole, by attached Executive Order <br />2022-016 dated November 7, 2022; and <br />WHEREAS, as of 10:00 a.m., November 8, 2022, Nicole strengthened to a <br />Tropical Storm with maximum sustained winds of 50 mph; and <br />WHEREAS, the City of Casselberry desires to adequately protect its citizens from <br />the hazards of Tropical Storm Nicole and potential adverse situations and effects; and <br />WHEREAS, the current forecast of the National Hurricane Center does not allow <br />for a confident prediction of the track of Tropical Storm Nicole; and <br />WHEREAS, Section 252.38(3), Florida Statutes, provides authority for local <br />governments such as the City of Casselberry to take actions in emergency situations and <br />to waive the procedures and formalities otherwise required of political subdivisions by law <br />pertaining to: <br />1. Performance of public work and taking whatever action is necessary to <br />ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the community; <br />2. Entering into contracts; <br />3. Incurring obligations; <br />4. Employment of permanent and temporary workers; <br />5. Utilization of volunteer workers; <br />6. Rental of equipment; <br />7. Acquisition and distribution, with or without compensation, of supplies, <br />materials and facilities; <br />8. Appropriation and expenditure of public funds; and <br />