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OFFICIAL NOTICE <br />*AMENDED* <br />CITY OF CASSELBERRY <br />CODE ENFORCEMENT HEARING <br />The City of Casselberry Code Enforcement Special Magistrate will hold a hearing on Thursday, September <br />15, 2022, at 6:30 p.m. in the Casselberry City Hall, Commission Chambers, 95 Triplet Lake Drive, Casselberry, Florida. <br />Kara Consalo, Special Magistrate Presiding <br />AGENDA <br />1. Call to Order <br />2. Pledge of Allegiance <br />3. Format for Proceedings <br />4. Swearing in of Those Who Will Testify <br />5. Approval of Minutes for the meeting held on July 21, 2022 <br />6. Statement of Evidence <br />7. CE -21-001097: Subsequent Case at 232 Brighton Way Violation — City Code 3-10.3.a.4 Roofs, gutters, down <br />spouts- maintenance. <br />8. CE -21-001266: Subsequent Cast at 985 SR 436 Violation — City Code 3-16.11 Sign Maintenance, <br />9. CE -22-000176: Subsequent Case at 140 Sunnytown Rd. Violation — City Code 2-5.3.b Illegal land use. <br />10. CE -22-000339: Subsequent Case at 400 SR 436 Violation — City Code 1-4.3.a: No Building Permit, City Code <br />26-33 - City local business tax receipt required, City Code 3-13.8.A: Commercial landscape maintenance, Section <br />1-4.6 Standard Unsafe Building Abatement Code (SUBAC), City Code 141A & FBC conditions of <br />permit. <br />11. CE -22.000405: Subsequent Case at 421 Marigold Rd. Violation — City Code 3-10.3.c.1 Overgrowth, weeds, <br />trash and debris. <br />12. CE -22-000398: New case at 123 Triplet Lake Dr. Violation —City Code 3-10.A.6: Accessory structures which <br />are structurally deficient, City Code 1-4.3.a: No Building Permit, City Code 3-10.3.c.1: Dead Tree(s), <br />City Code 3-10.3.c.1: Overgrowth, weeds, trash and debris, City Code 3-10.3.c.5.c.1 &2 Outdoor/open <br />air storage — Residential, City Code 3-10.3.c.5.c.3 Storage containers - Garbage bins/cans/recycling, <br />etc., City Code 3-10.3.c.6 Carport, front porch, or porte-cochere storage. <br />