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Department of Transportation to assist with funding the development of a Comprehensive Safety Action Plan, <br />inclusive of a local match of 20%, not to exceed $30,000, is requested. <br />C. Resolution 22-3320 - Authorizing Execution of an Interlocal Agreement with Seminole <br />County for American Rescue Plan Act Funding and Approval of Related Budget <br />Amendment 22-055 <br />Approval of Resolution 22-3320 authorizing execution of an Interlocal Agreement with Seminole County for <br />American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Funding and approval of related Budget Amendment 22-055 is requested. <br />D. Resolution 22-3321 - Authorizing Execution of a Release, Hold Harmless and <br />Indemnification Agreement with Bearwood Academy Located at 1490 Seminola Boulevard <br />Approval of Resolution 22-3321 authorizing execution of a Release, Hold Harmless and Indemnification Agreement <br />with Bearwood Academy located at 1490 Seminola Boulevard is requested. <br />E. Budget Amendment #22-057 - Providing Funding for Summerset Wall Repairs <br />Approval of Budget Amendment #22-057 to provide funding in the amount of $3,000 for repairs to the Summerset <br />wall is requested. <br />8. DISCUSSION ITEMS <br />A. Future Agenda Items <br />9. RESOLUTIONS - None <br />10. FIRST READING OF ORDINANCES <br />A. First Reading of Ordinance 22-1570 - Amending the Official Zoning Designation for the <br />Property Located at 611 Dog Track Road and Approving the Associated PUD Agreement <br />(ZB 22-05) <br />Approval of Ordinance 22-1570 amending the official zoning designation of one (1) parcel located at 611 Dog Track <br />Road from CG (Commercial General) to PMX-MID (Planned Mixed -Use: Medium Rise) and the associated PUD <br />(Planned Unit Development) Agreement is requested. <br />11. PUBLIC HEARINGS <br />The purpose of a Public Hearing is to receive input regarding the item being considered. Public Hearings are not intended to be a <br />time for the public to obtain information about the subject matter of the hearing. (Hearing Sequence: 1 st - Staff; 2nd - <br />Applicant/Requesting Party; 3rd - Public; 4th - opportunity for brief rebuttals, if appropriate; Final - City Commission motion, <br />discussion and action.) <br />A. Resolution 22-3322 - Street Lighting Final Assessment Resolution <br />Approval of Resolution 22-3322 as the Final Rate Resolution for the implementation of the Street Lighting <br />Assessment for Fiscal Year 2022-23 is requested. <br />12. OTHER ITEMS - None <br />13. CITIZENS' COMMENTS <br />Persons who wish to make comment or make inquiry on any matter NOT ON THIS AGENDA may do so at this time. Please <br />raise your hand and when recognized by the Mayor, come forward to the microphone, give your name and address and speak <br />briefly on the matter. All comments must be directed to the Mayor or City Commission as a whole, not an individual City <br />Commissioner, a City staff member or another member of the audience. Citizens may be heard during PUBLIC HEARINGS or <br />at any time any agenda item is before the City Commission for consideration by following the same procedure described above. <br />14. CITY MANAGER'S REPORT <br />15. CITY ATTORNEY'S REPORT <br />16. CITY CLERK'S REPORT <br />