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Rehabilitation for Lake Ann Lane <br />Approval of Task Authorization #1 with Granite Inliner, LLC for Storm Pipe Rehabilitation (project PW 2101) for Lake <br />Ann Lane in the amount of $233,413 is requested. (Ref. PBA -2021-0724) <br />C. Resolution 21-3244 - Agreement for Dispatching Services FY 2021-2024 <br />Approval of Resolution 21-3244 for an agreement for FY 21-24 for dispatching services between the Seminole County <br />Sheriff's Office and the City of Casselberry with the amount for FY 21-22 set at $458,000 is requested. <br />D. Resolution 21-3245 - Florida State Lodge Fraternal Order of Police Collective Bargaining <br />Agreement <br />Resolution 20-3245 provides for ratification and authorization to execute a collective bargaining agreement between the <br />City of Casselberry and the Florida State Lodge Fraternal Order of Police. <br />E. Reorganization of the Public Works, Community Development, and Administration <br />Departments and Related Budget Amendment #21-036 <br />Approval of the reorganization of the Public Works, Community Development, and Administration Departments and <br />Related Budget Amendment #21-036 is requested. <br />F. Excuse Absence of Commissioner Chad Albritton <br />S. DISCUSSION ITEMS <br />A. Future Agenda Items <br />B. Municipal Advisory Committee (Metroplan) Report <br />C. Council of Local Governments in Seminole County (CALNO) Report <br />D. Leadership Seminole Board Report <br />E. Mayors/Managers Group Report <br />9. RESOLUTIONS <br />A. Resolution 21-3246 -Adoption of the 2020-2025 Floodplain Management Plan <br />Approval of Resolution 21-3246 adopting the 2020-2025 Floodplain Management Plan for Seminole County and its <br />Municipalities is requested. <br />10. FIRST READING OF ORDINANCES <br />A. First Reading of Ordinance 21-1554 - Repeal Ordinance 10-1311 Which Authorized a <br />Franchise Agreement and Residential Solid Waste Rates <br />Approval of Ordinance 21-1554 repealing Ordinance 10-1311 which authorized a Franchise Agreement with Waste Pro <br />and also established residential solid waste rates is requested. <br />11. PUBLIC HEARINGS - None <br />The purpose of a Public Hearing is to receive input regarding the item being considered. Public Hearings are not intended to be a <br />time for the public to obtain information about the subject matter of the hearing. (Hearing Sequence: I st - Staff; 2nd - <br />Applicant/Requesting Party; 3rd - Public; 4th - opportunity for brief rebuttals, if appropriate; Final - City Commission motion, <br />discussion and action.) <br />12. OTHER ITEMS <br />