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CITY OF CASSELBERRY <br />CODE ENFORCEMENT HEARING — OFFICIAL NOTICE <br />NOVEMBER 14, 2019 <br />AGENDA <br />The City of Casselberry will hold a Code Enforcement hearing on Thursday, November 14, 2019, at 6:30 p.m., in the City <br />of Casselberry Commission Chambers, 95 Triplet Lake Drive, Casselberry, Florida. <br />Karen Consalo, Special Magistrate Presiding. <br />1. CALL TO ORDER <br />2. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE <br />3. FORMAT FOR PROCEEDINGS <br />4. SWEARING IN OF THOSE WHO WILL TESTIFY <br />5. APPROVAL OF MINUTES — October 10, 2019 <br />6. STATEMENT OF EVIDENCE <br />CASE NUMBER CODE VIOLATION VIOLATION ADDRESS <br />7. SUBSEQUENT CASES <br />CE -19-001070 Fence in disrepair, City code 3-10.3.b.I <br />CE -19-001191 No building permit, City code 1-4.3.a <br />CE -19-001200 No building permit, City code 1-4.3.a <br />CE -19-001245 Fence in disrepair, City Code 3-10.3.b.1 <br />CE -19-001274 Fence in disrepair, City code 3-10.3.b.I <br />CE -19-001374 Unsafe buildings or systems, City code 1-4.4 (FBC 103.5) <br />CE -19-001436 Recreational equipment parking, City Code 3-10.9.0 <br />CE -19-001446 Unsafe Buildings or Systems, City code 1-4.4 (FBC 103.5) <br />Condemnation Authority, City code 1-4.4 (FBC 103.5.3) <br />Unsafe building(s), 301.1 SUBAC 1992 <br />Health/safety — Condemnation, 301.1 SUBAC <br />Swimming pools and/or screen enclosures — <br />Easements, City code 2-7.9.g.2 <br />Exterior walls, City code 3-10.2.1.d <br />Roofs, gutters, down spouts — maintenance, <br />212 Cannon Way <br />1586 Hilltop Rd. <br />1400 Huntington Dr. <br />291 Triplet Lake Dr. <br />1074 Timberlane Trl. <br />1649 Lake Dr. <br />821 Gee Creek Ct. <br />Page 1 <br />