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<br /> C ASSELBERRY P OLICE D EPARTMENT <br /> C ASSELBERRY P OLICE D EPARTMENT <br />MEDIA RELEASE <br /> <br />3-4-08 <br />Distributed by Lt. Dennis L. Stewart, PIO <br />(407) 262-7616 Ext. 1008 <br />FAX (407) 262-7637 <br /> <br /> <br />Casselberry Police Crash <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />The Casselberry Police Department has received several media inquiries regarding a reported tip to <br />media sources that a Casselberry police officer was suspended after an automobile crash and a <br />positive urine test following the crash. The police department is very limited as to what information it <br />may release on such matters due to statutory confidentiality provisions contained in the FS 112.532 <br />and applicable provisions of union contracts. <br /> <br />The department can confirm that a crash involving a police vehicle occurred. No injuries occurred <br />during the crash. The involved Casselberry police officer submitted to a urine test in accord with <br />established city policy. The urine test yielded a positive result. The officer has been suspended with <br />pay pending an administrative inquiry into the crash. Specific details of the incident are a part of the <br />administrative review process and are not publicly releasable under the prevailing law and contractual <br />provisions. <br /> <br />The department will conduct a timely administrative review in accordance with internal policies and <br />statutory guidelines. The review information on the incident will be made publicly available when the <br />review has been concluded and becomes a public record in accordance with law. <br /> <br />