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<br /> <br />City of Casselberry <br />Administrative Services Department <br /> <br />125 E. Melody Lane, Casselberry, Florida 32707 . Telephone (407) 262-7720 <br />Fax (407) 262-7771 . Email <br /> <br />Casselberry City Commission News <br /> <br />Casselberry, FL - 10 June 2008 - At Monday night's meeting, the Casselberry <br />City Commission awarded the bid for the Gee Creek Erosion Control Project to Erosion <br />Stoppers, Inc. in the amount of $265,528.51. The project will address severe erosion <br />issues encroaching onto the property of nearby residents. It is a jointly funded venture <br />by the City of Casselberry and the U, S, Department of Agriculture Natural Resources <br />Conservative Service (NRCS). Construction will commence immediately and is <br />expected to be completed by October 13, 2008. <br /> <br />Also, the Casselberry City Commission passed a Metroplan resolution in support <br />of the Central Florida Commuter Rail Project. The commuter rail transit project is <br />proposed to run along a 61-mile stretch of CSX track in a four-county area. <br /> <br />A flood plan variance request was brought before the Commission by <br />Casselberry property owner Mr. David Pieski. The variance request was for the <br />construction of a sea-wall and associated fill built by Mr. Pieski on his Lake Triplet <br />property. The variance was denied by a vote of 4-1. <br /> <br />The next regular meeting of the Casselberry City Commission is scheduled for <br />Monday, June 23, 2008 at 7 p.m. in the Commission Chambers located on the first floor <br />of City Hall at 95 Triplet Lake Drive, Casselberry, FL 32702. <br /> <br />### <br /> <br />For more information, news and events in the City of Casselberry, log onto www.casselberrv.orQ <br /> <br />..i1 <br />tI1Ynrtmmmy <br />. <br /> <br />PARKS & RECREATION <br /> <br />