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CASSELBERRY CITY COMMISSION <br />95 TRIPLET LAKE DRIVE <br />CASELBERRY, FLORIDA 32707 <br />PUBLIC NOTICE OF SPECIAL MEETING <br />AND ATTORNEY-CLIENT SESSION <br />In a letter dated January 4, 2019 to City Manager Randy Newlon, and as will be <br />subsequently reaffirmed in the January 14, 2019 regular City Commission meeting, City <br />Attorney Catherine D. Reischmann requested that the City of Casselberry City <br />Commission conduct an executive session (attorney-client session) with her, per Florida <br />Statute 286.011(8), for the purpose of discussing City of Casselberry v. Florida Fish and <br />Wildlife Conservation Commission Division of Administrative Hearings Case No. 18- <br />6501. The attorney-client session will begin at approximately 6:00 p.m., on Monday, <br />January 14, 2019 at a special meeting of the City Commission to be held following the <br />regular meeting. <br />The names of the persons attending the attorney-client session are Mayor Charlene <br />Glancy, Vice Mayor Anthony Aramendia, Commissioner Bill Hufford, Commissioner <br />Andrew Meadows, Commissioner Mark Busch, City Manager Randy Newlon, City <br />Attorney Catherine D. Reischmann, and Assistant City Attorney Debra Babb-Nutcher. <br />The subject matter of the meeting shall be confined to settlement negotiations or strategy <br />sessions related to litigation expenditures. <br />The entire session shall be recorded by a certified court reporter. The reporter shall <br />record the times of commencement and termination of the session, all discussion and <br />proceedings, the names of all persons present at any time, and the names of all persons <br />speaking. No portion of the session shall be off the record. The court reporter's notes <br />shall be fully transcribed and filed with the City Clerk within a reasonable time after the <br />meeting. The transcript shall be made public at the conclusion of the litigation. <br />The session shall commence after the special meeting is opened, at which the Mayor shall <br />announce the commencement and estimated length of the attorney-client session and the <br />names of the persons attending. At the conclusion of the attorney-client session, the <br />special meeting shall be reopened, and the Mayor shall announce the termination of the <br />session. <br />The transcript shall be made a part of the public record upon conclusion of the litigation. <br />Posted City Website: L7 i [ _ <br />Posted at City Hall, 95 Tnplet Lake Drive, Casselberry, FL 32707: <br />TO THE PUBLIC: Persons are advised that, if they decide to appeal any decision made at these meetings, <br />hearings, they will need a record of the proceedings and for such purpose, they may need to insure that a <br />verbatim record of the proceedings is made, which record includes the testimony and evidence upon which <br />the appeal is to be based, per Section 286.0105, Florida Statutes. Persons with disabilities needing <br />assistance to participate in any of these proceedings should contact the A.D.A. Coordinator 48 hours in <br />advance of the meeting at (407) 262-7700, ext. 1150. <br />