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CE -18-001216 Business tax receipt, City code sention 26.33(a) 750 E SR 436 <br />CE -18-001268 Discontinued sign, ULDR Section 3-16.7 D 1410 436 <br />CE -18-001742 Building Code: Electrical Systems - Minimum Requirements, <br />City Code section 1-4.1 <br />Building Code: Unsafe Residential Buildings, City code section 1-4.1 <br />Damaged Windows, Skylights, Doors, City Code section 1-4.1 <br />No Building Permit, City Code section 1-4.3 <br />SHC Safety hazard, SHC 101.6 <br />Fences and Walls: Permit Required, City Code section 2-7.10(A) <br />Temporary tent structure, City Code section 2-7.9 A <br />Accessory structures, City Code section 2-7.9 a 6 <br />Fence in disrepair, ULDR section 3-10.3(B).1 <br />Fence Appearance, ULDR section 3-10.3(B).2 <br />Dead Tree(s), ULDR section 3-10.3.C.1 <br />Outdoor/Open air storage — Residential, ULDR section 3-10.3.C.5.c. <br />Recreational vehicle living, ULDR section 3-10.9 C.2.a <br />Disabled/inoperable/unlicensed vehicle(s) ULDR section 3-10.9 F <br />Parking: Personal Use - Rear Yard Prohibited Parking, <br />ULDR section 3-10.9(b) <br />Subch health/safety— condemnation, FL building code 301.1 <br />Living/boarding, City code section 5-21.2 <br />Disabled/inoperable/abandoned vehicle(s), City code section 82-13 83 N Winter Park Dr <br />10. OTHER BUSINESS <br />11. PUBLIC COMMENT <br />12. ADJOURNMENT <br />DATED THIS J `)DAY OF JULY 2018 <br />DONNA G. GARDNER, CITY CLERK <br />1. FORMAT FOR PROCEEDINGS: This is a public hearing. These proceedings are quasi-judicial in nature. Formal <br />rules of evidence shall not apply, but fundamental due process shall be observed and shall govern all proceedings. All <br />testimony shall be under oath and shall be recorded. At the conclusion of each hearing, the Code Enforcement Special <br />Magistrate shall issue Findings of Fact, based on the evidence of record and conclusions of law, and shall issue an order <br />affording the proper relief consistent with the powers of the Special Magistrate. The order may include a notice that it must be <br />complied with by a specified date, and that a fine may be imposed. All participants must have an active role in the case, for <br />example: Special Magistrate, staff, respondent and/or witness. Persons are advised that if they decide to appeal any decisions <br />made at these meetings/hearings they will need a record of the proceedings and for such purpose, they may need to ensure that a <br />verbatim record of the proceedings is made which record includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be <br />based per Section 286.0105, Florida Statutes. <br />2. Persons with disabilities needing assistance to participate in any of these proceedings should contact the City of <br />Casselberry A.D.A. Coordinator, 48 hours in advance of the meeting at (407) 262-7700, Ext. 1150. <br />3. This is a public meeting, and the public is invited to attend. This agenda is subject to change. Please be advised that one <br />(1) or more members of the City Commission and/or one (1) or more members of any of the City's Advisory Boards may be in <br />attendance and may participate in the discussions at the meeting. <br />31 Page <br />